Hey, it’s me. I’m Mladen, the one behind the Craftwell. I’m a developer/programmer with a particular interest in Swift programming language and iOS & OS X development. Also, I’m a computer nerd from way back. My first program was a Norton Change Directory clone written in QBasic in distant 1991. Wrote many lines of code from that time in Pascal, Clipper, objective-C, JavaScript and Swift. Currently, I prefer coding both my client and server-side apps using Swift, and for the web-based projects, ReactJS is a tool for the job. I'm firmly devoted to highly readable and easily maintainable source code. Some might find me odd, but my reality is just different from theirs. My opinions may become variable, but the fact that I’m right is constant.

I started Craftwell in late 2016, after quite a few years of programming and development for MacOS and iOS platforms and Web development before that. At first, I used Objective-C as the language of choice for my app development on Mac, and later switched to Swift programming language when it became available.

When it comes to application development approach, nothing is impossible. Taking it step by step, programming is an amazingly fun pursuit, but, at the heart of all, it's an ongoing exercise in problem-solving and logical thinking. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but with enough motivation, willingness and persistence every application can be made exceptional.

Furthermore, getting in touch is easy. If you have any project idea that you want to discuss or just a question, you can always use the contact form on this site or consider reaching me via twitter. Also, if you think I've done something great, or just want to compliment me, I’ll always take one of those as well. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on this pages sometime soon.